Stepscout: A tool to search for jobs and apartments at the same time

I think living near one’s workplace is a great benefit for a good work-live balance. If you are living in your current city for a while, you probably already know where the best places to live and work are. But if you are starting to search for one or the other, you might ask yourself which neighborhood is the best to reduce the daily commute to a minimum. To find answers to this question I build Stepscout. It leverages the Stepstone and ImmobilienScout24 API’s to find jobs & apartments in one go and marks them together on a Google Map. This visualization helps to find job clusters, apartment clusters or ideally job-apartment-clusters.

The trick in this project was to make use of Google’s Places API to search for latitude and longitude of every company in the Stepstone result response. Even though Stepstone’s response JSON contains fields for geographic coordinates, they are empty or filled with generic values for the most part.

If you are living in Germany, you can check out the tool here or get a first impression below.