Boilerplate for a basic PHP cURL POST or GET request with parameters on Apache

cURL is a library for transferring data using various protocols – in this case most importantly HTTP POST and GET. PHP installed on a Linux distribution or as part of XAMPP uses libcurl. If you haven’t enabled cURL yet, open your php.ini and remove the semicolon at the beginning of this line:

You will find the location of your php.ini in the output’s first line when running

on the command line or by using the XAMPP control panel on a Windows machine. Click the ‘Config’ button next to the Apache module and select ‘PHP (php.ini)’ from the context menu. Save the changes and restart Apache – either by pressing ‘Stop’ & ‘Start’ on the XAMPP control panel or by using the Linux command line:

If cURL for PHP isn’t installed, run

 prior to the step above.

You’ll find further information on how to use cURL here:

This boilerplate wraps cURL in a simple function with four parameters: request type, url, parameters and headers. The first snippet contains comments for every step. The second snippet is exactly the same code but without any comments.

Commented boilerplate:


And the raw template without comments: